Installation - UNIX/Linux

The programs of the MethTools-suite are either written in PERL 5 or C++. The code of the PERL programs consists of simple text files. They can be read and edited with any text editor. If you manipulate the code please make sure that you save the files in ASCII text format only.

What do you need to run the PERL programs?

  1. You need to have access to a computer with a UNIX operating system. If you have not yet access to such a system your local system operator will give you an account and a password. The physical interface to a UNIX computer is the terminal (i.e. keyboard and screen). Also all current PC and Macintosh can emulate such a terminal with appropriate software. Please ask you local system manager in case you have difficulties.
  2. PERL is an interpreting computer language. I.e. PERL programs cannot function by themselves. PERL has to be installed on your local UNIX system to interpret and run the programs. In most cases your system manager will already have installed PERL. Additionally, certain software packages (so called libraries) are required. So simply ask you system operator if PERL 5.002 and the following libraries and interfaces exist on your UNIX computer:

    library name

    where to get it...

    GD.lib (PNG-Version) (PNG-Version)


  3. In case it does not yet exist, please generate a subdirectory named "bin" in your account.
  4. Please, open the "MethTools" window now. (If it's not yet open click here).
  5. You need to download the programs from the MethTools web page and place them into the subdirectory "bin". The easiest way is to use a WWW-browser directly under UNIX. If you use a Netscape browser click with the left mouse button on each "Download" in the far right column of the table. The file-saving box/window will appear. Choose the subdirectory "bin" and save the files there. Save the files under the name in the far left column of the "MethTools"-table and provide them with the extension ".pl". You can also use your PC/Mac WWW-browser to download the programs (Netscape left mouse button, Internet Explorer right mouse button). However, in this case you have to transfer the files finally to the UNIX "bin" directory. Most current PC/Mac are equipped with FTP-programs which can be used for this transfer (use the text mode).
  6. The first line of each PERL program consist of a string which indicates the directory of the PERL interpreter. It looks usually like "#! /usr/local/bin/perl -w" or similar. On your local system PERL might be located in a different directory, thus please ask your system manager if the line needs to be changed (in all PERL programs).
  7. Finally, make the programs executable (the command is "chmod 755 *.pl"). Make sure you are in the "bin" subdirectory when you type in the command.

What do I need to do to run the C++ program "logo5mC"?

  1. Please, proceed for the download of "logo5mC" as described above. Use in this case the binary-transfer mode or let the WWW-browser decide for you. C++ is in several regard different from PERL. For this reason, the program "logo5mC" has been packed and need to be unpacked and compiled after the download.
  2. To unpack the program type "uncompress logo5mC2.tgz". Decompression might take a few seconds.
  3. For compilation the GnuC-compiler has to exist somewhere on your UNIX system. This will be the case in virtually all instances. If you encounter problems during compilation please ask your local system manager for help. For compilation and installation of an executable program make sure you are in the "bin" subdirectory and simply type "make". The installation will proceed automatically. For the unlikely case that error messages appear, please forward them to the authors. We will contact you instantly.

Installation - Macintosh

What do you need to run the PERL programs?
  1. You need to have access to a Macintosh computer with MacPerl installed on it. If you have not yet access to such a system your local system operator will install it for you.
  2. The MacPerl version of the programs together with 2 example files A and B and the required libraries can be downloaded as hqx-self-extracting archive. The public domain program "Stuffit Expander" will convert and extract this file and generate a folder "MacMethTools".
  3. Place the contents of the folder "for the MacPerl library folder" into the "lib" folder of the MacPerl-folder. Start MacPerl. Make sure the path to the library folder has been indicated in MacPerl under the menue item "Edit>Preferences>Libraries".
  4. If you want to make yourself familiar with the programs open them in MacPerl and have a glance at the source code.

What do I need to do to run the C++ program "logo5mC"?

  1. No Macintosh version of this program exist yet. If you are a proficient programmer you are invited to compile such a version.