trouble shooting

All programs have been extensively tested on our system (Sun OS 5.6 and MacOS 8.1). However, if you experience any problem please inform the authors. We will try to fix the bugs as soon as possible.

Local analysis on your computer:

When you start the PERL programs an error message is displayed which indicates that a wrong end-of-line sign was used.
At some point during the transfer the "line feed" signs that PERL uses to separate lines has been replaced by another sign (like only carriage return or only carriage return/line feed). Use an appropriate text editor to place a "line feed" sign at every end of the line or download the files again under UNIX. Ask your system manager for help.
During running the MacPerl programs the message "out of memory" is shown and the programm finishs.
Increase the memory partion of MacPerl in the "Information" window. The memory needed depends on the size of your analyzed sequences. Especially for large graphical representation an increase might be necessary for up to 40 Mb.
The sequences cannot be analyzed even if they all have the same length.
If you have generated the files on one computer platforms and want to analyze them on another, it can be that they carry the wrong "End-of-Line" or "New-Line" sign. Different End-of-Line characters are used under the various operating systems (LF[ascii 10] under Unix, CRLF [ascii 13 10] under DOS and CR [ascii 13] under MacOS). Use an appropriate text editor to replace the End-of-Line signs.
Remote analysis via WWW:
When you submit a file to the analysis page an error message indicates that the file does not meet the requirements and cannot be analyzed.
The most likely reason is that a preliminary check has found that your sequences have not the same length. Make sure that all fasta-names start with a ">" and contain no internal ">". Make also sure that the filename contains no signs different from standard ASCII letters (aA-zZ), numbers, underscore "_" and points. No [space] or signs like ">>|#+*" must be used. This measure has been placed at the CGI script for security reason.
The analysis starts but is interrupted with the error message "No files or not enough files available!"
You have probably submitted only one converted sequence together with the mother-sequence. In this case a full analysis is not appropriate. A graphical representation as postscript file can however be received. Please choose this option under "6. Choose which files you wish to receive". If you routinely want to analyze single sequence files please send a mail to the author. This service will then be included.