IMB Department of Genome Analysis Sequence Repository


This site provides access to the projects that have been sequenced at Institute of Molecular Biotechnology. Assembled regions that have not yet been submitted in that form to a public database are also provided here as a service to the community. Users of the material provided here in advance of submission to public databases should not publish it or otherwise disseminate it without permission.

DISCLAIMER - IMB provides this data in good faith, but makes no warranty, express or implied, or assumes any legal liability or responsibility for any purpose that the data is used for.

The Human Blast server  provides sequence searches on all human sequence data from the IMB.

Human sequences:

Chromosome 7

  1. 7q22
  2. 7q32

Chromosome 8

Chromosome 11

Chromosome 21

Chromosome X

  1. Xq28 (centromer --> telomer)
  2. Xp11
  3. Xp22